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Here Students for tutors and

Tutors for students are available

Registration for all teachers is free. The procedure is as follows. Send me your full name, Qualification, Address, ph # and you will registered. For the tution send the and Students full address and ph # will be provided. Don't forget to send me your reg #. Any sort of contact may should be made through Email. Email - #------Name

1--------1/All------------------------Gulshan-e-Iqbal blk-3-------4961...---Khalid

2--------2/All------------------------Defence phase-3-------------5431...---Danish

3--------5/All------------------------F.B area blk-3--------------6321...---Absar

4--------7/All------------------------Gulistan-e-jauhar blk-3-----8111...---Faiq

5--------11/All-----------------------North Nazimabad blk H-------6541...---Aziz

6--------12/All-----------------------Landi blk-4-----------------5121...---Salman