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2004 Second professional, M.B.B.S examinations date sheet & Center information

Date Sheet

Pharmacology                    wed   18th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm

Anatomy  II                          Sat    21st    Feb        2:30-4:30pm

Physiology  II                      Mon    23rd    Feb        2:30-4:30pm

General Pathology            Tue    24th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm

Micro biology                     Tue    24th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm

Para cytology                     Tue    24th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm 

Bio Chemistry  II                 Wed    25th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm 

Pharisaic medicine           Thu    26th    Feb        2:30-4:30pm




Male candidates

    DMC, SMC, JMC, KMDC, BMC         Department of mass communication, Karachi University

Female candidates

    DMC                                                        Department of library & information science, Karachi University

    SMC, JMC, KMDC                                Social work department, Karachi University


Admit cards

For DOW medical college students.

                        Collect your admit card from admin 

                        department from the 19th of  Feb. 

                        Bring your college, N.I.C and enrollment cards with you in case.



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